GCM can also be used to define global (project wide) and local (class wide) constants.

Global constants

Global constants can be defined as a top level element, like this:

const GLOBAL_CONSTANT : Double = 4.5

This defines a constant with name GLOBAL_CONSTANT of type Double with value 4.5.

The GCM generator generates a class Constants containing all global constants, e.g.

public final class Constants {
  public static final Double GLOBAL_CONSTANT = 4.5;

Local constants

Similar to global constants, GCM can be used to define local constants:

class Building extends ASuperType {
    const BUILDING_CONSTANT : String = "my constant"

The GCM generator generates the following code:

public class Building extends ASuperType {
  public static final MetaConst<String> BUILDING_CONSTANT = new MetaConst<String>("BUILDING_CONSTANT", greycat.Type.STRING,458804431, "bla");

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