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Greycat comes with a built-in persistence mechanism. Nodes and relationships are automatically serialized and unserialized by and can be stored in different key/value stores. The following example shows how is configured to use Google's LevelDB as a storage backend.

Graph g = new GraphBuilder()
                .withMemorySize(10000) //cache size before sync to disk
                .withStorage(new LevelDBStorage("greycat_db")) //location to store on disc

g.connect(isConnected -> {

        Node sensor = g.newNode(0, 0); //create new node for world 0 and time 0
        sensor.set("id", Type.INT, Math.abs(rand.nextInt()));
        sensor.set("value", Type.INT, rand.nextInt());

        g.index(0, 0, "sensors", nodeIndex -> {
                //save the database here.
       -> {
                        g.index(0, System.currentTimeMillis(), "sensors", nodeIndex2 -> {
                                nodeIndex2.find(new Callback<Node[]>() {
                                        public void on(Node[] result) {
                                              //Get all the nodes stored on disk, each execution will increase the list
                                                for (int i = 0; i < result.length; i++) {
                                                        System.out.println("\t" + result[i].toString());


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