Task Action: Get

The get action allows to get the value(s) of a node property. The property can be of any type, a relation, a map or a primitive Type. See also setProperty to discover how to set a property of a node using Tasks.

This action should only be used after a task returning node(s) as result.

The result of the get will be put in the result and made accessible to the next Task.

Therefore, the following expression:


Will print the following output in console:


If the goal is to retrieve and work on the node(s) linked to the current node by a relation, the traverse Task should be considered to have safely only nodes in the result.

Multiple Nodes get

When several nodes are present in the result, the get task is applied to all of them and results are stored in an array.

The following expression :


will print the following output when executed after the one presented at the end of setProperty:


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