The future is in your data, starting from low-code AI

Boosted by GreyCat, our innovative and state of the art Temporal Graph technology, GreyCat AI Studio is the most effective companion to make machine learning efficient and accessible.

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We support data groundbreakers, innovation pioneers and visionnary managers to easily unleash the whole potential of their data with our powerfull, scalable and extensible low-code AI tool.‚Äč

Who is it for ?

GreyCat AI Studio is one central solution for everyone.


Data scientists & Analysts

Executive Managers

IT & DevOps teams

What is possible ?

Learn from measured data to create custom predictive models, AI twins of your business that you can leverage to operate better !


Learn the relationship between one or several independent variables with one or several dependent properties, to predict their values on a continuous scale.


Learn how to associate a label or category to a set of properties or values, to predict an event, a situation, a class.

Pattern detection

Train an algorithm to detect patterns in signal, and be able to give a matching score to live data.


Reduce the complexity of datasets by automatically encoding sets of inputs to representative values.

Efficient machine learning process to make predictions a success

Follow the guide through the learning pipelines towards the creation of dedciated AIs. Iterate fast thanks to the step-by-step stagged mechanisms of AI Studio.

Product features

Discover a set of tools and mechanisms to make machine-learning an easy and efficient journey.

Our supporters

GreyCat AI Studio is a product of Paul Wurth DataXpert suite, developed by DataThings, powered by Greycat


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